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Maria Marr began playing music at the age of 5, when she first fell in love with her violin. Two years later, Maria started her studies at the High School of Arts in Romania, where she spent 10 years embracing music and art. As well as playing musical instruments, a young Maria sang regularly in the church choir, as well as a soloist. 


A few years later, she started playing the piano, whilst joining the school orchestra as a violin player. At only 13, Maria began to write her first songs, entering a renowned songwriting competition in Romania, ‘Children’s Mamaia’, competing against her then singing mentor, a popular Romanian singer. 


Her first national television appearance followed at 14, where Maria first sang her original songs in front of a large audience, the success of her first recorded song still being celebrated and performed by others in singing competitions back home in Romania. As a young songwriter, the director of the competition at the time, could not believe that a child her age was able to write a song such as ‘Love Pages’, later on translated in English and still performed by Maria during current live shows. 


At only 16, Maria moved to England and continued to pursue her passion for music by studying Music Production in preparation for her future studies. Two years later, the musician wrote a new single ‘Play it Wrong’, granting her first BBC Introducing radio play. Shortly after, she began her studies at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London, where she continued to develop her musical knowledge of songwriting, composition and performance, graduating with honours three years later, with a Degree in Vocal Performance. 


With all the knowledge gained through her university studies, Maria continued to develop her image and officially began performing as Maria Marr in 2013. After years of exploring different sounds, Maria started working with a new London based studio, releasing her single ‘What I Missed in Class’ in 2017, later on chosen as ‘Pick of The Uploader’ by BBC Introducing Cambridgeshire. With influences from contemporary artists as well as timeless music icons, Maria’s music shows the influences of Lana del Rey, Dua Lipa and Freya Ridings. 


A new single followed in 2018, ‘Forget About It’, which showed a different style and performance approach, as well as a new songwriting perspective. Sharing Spotify playlists with the biggest names in the Music Industry, Maria continued to perform live on radio stations, whilst receiving a range of reviews from local magazines. Actively performing as a solo artist, she recently released a new single ‘Hear Me Somehow’, a song based on one of her experiences as a younger self. 

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